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The Brompton School mission is to foster curiosity, cultivate character, encourage independence, develop leadership, and nurture a love of learning.

 The Brompton School Pledge of Family Support 2016-2017


Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: __________

Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: __________

Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: __________

Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: __________

Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: __________



As a charter school, one of Brompton’s foundational beliefs is that our families are vitally involved in many aspects of school life.  In signing this pledge you agree to support Brompton by doing the following:



  • I will play an active role in the education of my child.
  •  I will ensure that my child completes all homework assignments.  Assignments missed due to an absence must be completed.
  • I will attend parent-teacher conferences at the scheduled time and will respond to all school communication in a timely manner.



  • I will ensure that my child arrives on time, attends school for a full school day unless ill, is well fed, rested and prepared for the day.



  • I will positively support The Brompton School’s educational philosophy.
  •  I will ensure that my child wears the uniform as described in the approved Brompton Uniform Policy.  My child’s uniforms will be well fitting, clean and in good repair.  I understand exemptions to the uniform policy will not be granted except in cases of health and safety.
  • I will support the teachers and the Principal of The Brompton School.  I will address any concerns first with the teacher.  If a solution is not met, I will contact the Principal.  If necessary, the Principal will seek input from The Brompton School Governance Board for resolution of a difficult issue.




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