Mrs. Krystin Neuens

I have my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida. I have my Masters of Science in Integrating Technology into the Classroom from Walden University.

I am currently teaching my ninth year as a grade 4 teacher at The Brompton School.  I love so many things about teaching, but probably the best part about it is the “A Ha!” moments when students finally click with a concept.  These moments come at different times for each student, and each time is rewarding for me.  Math is my favorite subject.  I tell the students I’m more of an algebra person than geometry, so 4th grade Math is great for me because we do a lot of computation and algebra and the geometry is still pretty basic.  I’ve always enjoyed calculating answers.

My teaching philosophy is mostly about giving students what they need while still challenging them.  I don’t think a teacher can align with any one practice since students are all different.  I do believe in incorporating technology in any way I can, utilizing the skills I have from obtaining my Masters in Integrating Technology in the Classroom, and using collaboration.  I also believe in celebrating differences and fostering acceptance.  I think that these practices help prepare students to be successful in a global society.

Outside of school, when I’m not grading or planning, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I have a 4-year-old son, who is such a joy to be around.  I like to read, write, sing, and play the piano, also.  Another thing I really enjoy is networking.  I belong to many social and professional networks and find them a real asset.

I have wanted to be a teacher all of my life.  In my baby book, it’s listed right next to actress, singer, and witch.  I always wanted to be like Glenda the good witch from Wizard of Oz. I sometimes engage in storytelling along with my mother, and did a long term sub position for a year in an elementary library prior to starting at Brompton.

Testimonies from parents:

“Mrs. Neuens brings a level of enthusiasm to the 4th grade classroom. She fosters independent thinking in her students and her students take a lot of pride in their work. I see my son becoming more of a critical thinker and really engaged and interested in learning. Mrs. Neuens also gives of her time outside of the regular classroom hours. She prepared a group of students for the Black History Bee, which is a great opportunity for the students to work together and learn some really important facts about the history of our country. Mrs. Neuens is a great supporter of our students and is always willing to go that extra mile for them.” ~Amy Sierocki, mom of Ben, Katie and Matthew VerHagen

“She challenges our kids beyond what they think they can do and pushes them to do their best. As hard of a year as fourth grade is to transition in and out of she manages to make it fun for the kids by setting new themes in the room every year – this year is Medieval Times so all the kids are either ‘Sirs’ or ‘Ladies’, playing educational games, and speaking French to them at various times. Some teachers encourage their kids to reach for the stars, Mrs. Neuens makes them reach for the Milky Way.” ~Lori Crane, mom of Mikayla Crane