Saving Money on Uniforms

There are many ways to save money when purchasing your Lands’ End uniform; we want to pass along this information as a way to save our families money in order to make Brompton’s uniform as affordable as possible.

First, you will want to go to and sign up for their email offers.  You will receive an email 1-2 times a week with their current promotion codes for online ordering.

Brompton participates in the scrip program as a fundraiser for our parent organization, the Brompton Community Partnership (BCP).  Lands’ End gift cards are available through the scrip program.  The BCP passes along the amount the school would usually earn from Lands’ End purchases to the families, in order to further save on the uniform purchases.  Currently the Land’s End scrip percentage is 10%, so instead of purchasing the gift cards for full price, you pay 10% less up front.  For example, if I was to purchase a $100 gift card from scrip, I would only write my check out for $90, thus saving the 10% right away.  Our scrip coordinator, Angela Cleland, typically has Lands’ End gift cards on hand and able to be picked up from her home at any time.  You can email her at  with questions or to arrange to purchase.

There are many good promotions that Lands’ End runs, where we would recommend purchasing.  The best sale we have seen was $40 off $100 purchase (40%).  You must purchase in $100 increments to save the most money, but when combined with the scrip discount, the uniforms can be purchased for nearly half off.  We would say to be sure you order when the promotion is at least 25% off, that’s a deal they run pretty regularly – unless you need something immediately of course.

*Also be sure to get free shipping, they almost always have that in conjunction with their promotions.*

Uniform Resale Program

We offer gently used school uniforms to all students at a resonable fee.  For more information and to check inventory availablility, please contact Joy Nesci.